20100US was established in November, 2014 with the aim of delivering technical and engineering assistance to customers inherited from its founder’s experience of collaboration with national and multinational companies.

Our mission is to provide fast and reliable technical assistance and high specialized consultancy with focus on cyber security to office computer users, to the store’s users and to keep running and secure the IT infrastructure of its customers.

20100US is able to respond promptly to any customer problem making your business processes more effective and productive.
We pride ourselves on having the huge experience of collaboration with different type of companies (from startup to large companies), offering our skills for projecting, optimizing, upgrading and managing their IT infrastructures.

Long-standing collaboration with major global vendors allows us to guarantee our customers not only high-performance of their IT network but also timely technical assistance through decisive actions.

We offer interesting solutions for customers who are ready for significant investments in IT and for those who prefer to develop gradually their IT infrastructure or precise needs-focused interventions.

20100US Inc. is in the process of being a new company which operates in the IT market in 2 main different sectors:

  • the service to the users of small, medium business company operating in all the industries;
  • the complete IT management for companies working in the retail market, acting as a real single point of contact for all their IT needs in the store (starting from the management of the opening store, going through the selection of POS and the people counting systems, until the ongoing assistance to the store 365 days) and sale of a software Reventoo for event and store management for all the companies which work in the retail and fashion market.

The keys to success for 20100US are: to be reliable to the Clients, to keep year by year the relationship with the customers, to stay on the market with a web portal which include a lot of features to create and manage events and to centralize the management of the stores.