How it works

ObserveIT provides screen-recording technology to capture all user behavior, regardless of the environment. Beyond providing video-like playback of all user activity, ObserveIT turns these video recordings into User Activity Logs that can be easily searched, analyzed, audited and acted upon. Real-time alerts based on user actions inform administrators about suspicious and unusual activity, to operationalize forensic analysis and enable early detection and mitigation. ObserveIT provides a complete user-centric security solution that is easily integrates into existing security architectures.

Business solutions

  • Remote vendor monitoring – Know exactly what every remote useris doing on your servers. Improve security and ensure trasparent SLA and billing validation.
  • Reducing compliance costs – Staying compliant is often just as costly as getting compliant. ObserveIT provides easy gap management, including coverage of PCI Requirements 8, 10, 12, by eliminating the need to rebuild audit protocols whenever you upgrade business software processes.
  • Root cause analysis – Achieve fast troubleshooting when you discover the root cause of system config changes. Establish business intelligence with focused navigation and video playback.