Sophos’ main purpose is to provide the best services concerning security and company data protection. Our first antiviruses and encryption systems go back to the 80s. Nowadays our solutions protect more than 100.000 companies and 100 million users, in more than 150 countries. We understand your necessities and we know what you need to protect your business; this is why we are acknowledged as leader both by analysts and by users.

Our products are specifically designed to eliminate complexity. The result is an advanced and complete protection. Cyber security should not be in the way, and for this reason we keep the impact on resources at minimal levels. Moreover we strive to facilitate delivery, policy settings and threats removal. We offer protection wherever you need it: computers, laptops, desktops and virtual servers, mobile devices as well as network, web and e-mail gateways.

Complete security means that we do not simply identify threats, but we help you solve any kind of issue that might rise while securing your systems

  • we limit the attack surface (?) we take care of the factors that contribute increasing the risks such as vulnerabilities, websites, application and data sharing
  • we protect everywhere: we ensure your users protection, regardless the geographic location or the device used
  • We block attacks and security breaches: we went beyond the simple virus definition, to promptly block new threats
  • we ensure business continuity: both for the users and for the IT department’s team. Our products are specifically studied to simplify those activities that nowadays take away too much time.

Active protection is what set us apart

Our analysts actively monitor more than just malwares. We observe all the elements that may give rise to new threats, such as. vulnerabilities, applications, Web sites, and spam. The intelligence gathered is then developed and applied to our products, to consolidate your protection. Moreover, the uninterrupted connection via cloud means that we are also able to optimize this intelligence whenever it is necessary.

  • HIPS rules: we compile them for you, we check the accuracy and, if necessary, we optimize it. You simply need to tick a box to enable a reliable protection.
  • Application Control: it is a standard feature of our antivirus. You select the items that need to be checked and we add the latest applications to keep your criteria updated
  • Data control: sensitive data’s detection (such as credit card numbers or patients identification numbers) is preset and built-in. You can block or warn users that jeopardize this type of data.
  • Vulnerability patches: we provide a real security assessment/estimate concerning operating systems and patches, showing what kind of threats they are able to stop. In this way, you can easily identify the most important patch to be applied.

We are officially acknowledged as a leader.